Have A Tour Inside This $28.8 Million Dollar Hollywood House – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

28,8 Million Dollar Hollywood House

Have a tour inside the most expensive house of the Sunset Strip, Hollywood. It's located at 1232 Sunset Plaza Drive, Sunset Strip - Hollywood. It's 13,000 square feet big, it has eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a car garage for up to nine cars, outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful modern-look glass wine cellar. This Hollywood house is designed by Hagy ... Continue Reading

Luxurious Houses – Collection 2

Luxurious Houses - Collection 2

After the success of the first collection, we made another collection for you to enjoy. We have learned from the first one and decided to make it a bit shorter, but wil 30 pictures there is still enough to see! Which house would be your choice? Leave a comment, like the page or share the page so your friends can enjoy the pictures too. And if you find an amazing ... Continue Reading

Avicii’s New $15,7 Million Dollar House! You Just Have To See This, It’s Amazing.

DJ Avicii's New $15,7 Million Dollar House

Take a look around in Avicii's house, it covers a mighty 7000 square feet! It's located in Hollywood, California and provides an astonishing view over Downtown LA. Avicii's house is absolutely breathtaking, but it came with a hefty pricetag. Avicii has paid $15,750,000 dollar for this house, but for that price you do have allot of famous neighbours.. (Video is ... Continue Reading

A Night At The Worlds Most Luxurious Hotel, The Burj Al Arab! $24,000 A Night, But It’s Worth It!

A Night At The Most Luxurious Hotel In The World, Burj Al Arab!

A night at the worlds most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al-Arab, is an amazing experience. The Burj Al-Arab hotel is located at the coast of Dubai. But it's not located on the beach it self, it stands off the beach on a man-made island. The Burj Al-Arab ranks itself as a 7-star hotel. 7 Stars? Yes the worlds first and only (self-proclaimed) 7 star hotel. Normally ... Continue Reading

World War Two Bunker Transformed Into Two Luxury Houses. They Did An Amazing Job!

World War Two Bunker Made Into Two Beautiful Houses

A World War Two Bunker with no windows and 4ft walls has been transformed into two luxury houses in Caversfield, neer Bicester, Oxfordshire (UK). The two houses, which were a bunker are located on a RAF Base and have a price tag of $750,000 each. The developers say the bunker was 'one of the most challenging building' to work with, as it had no windows and was ... Continue Reading

Miami House For Sale For $35 Million. You Just Have To See This, It Even Has A Call Of Duty Themed Room!

Miami House 35 Million With Call Of Duty Themed Room

In Miami, Florida Tech Entrepreneur Marc Bell has listed his eight-bedroom Boca Raton house for sale. The price for this amazing Miami house is $35 Million Dollar. It has a "Call Of Duty" game room, a Star Trek home theater, a video games arcade and a huge game room. In the room dedicated for playing the video game "Call Of Duty", sandbags are piled up against ... Continue Reading

Luxurious Houses – Collection 1 – 50 Pics!

Expensive Luxurious House

We have 50 pictures of expensive luxurious houses for your to see. Which house would be your choice? Leave a comment, like the page or share the page so your friends can enjoy the pictures too. And if you find an amazing picture of a beautiful house, please let us know so we can add it in the next collection. For now ... Continue Reading

Amazing Apartment Located in Tokyo. Ah So That’s What A $21,8 Million Apartment Looks Like.

Expensive Apartment

If the bathroom is this big, your curious to see the rest right? This amazing apartment is located in Minami Azabu, Minato, Tokyo and is it truly amazing. Minami Azabu is the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo and this apartment fits right in. The apartment is listed for 1.8 Billion Yen ($21,8 Million Dollar) and covers 4,434 square-foot. Cecotti Collezioni ... Continue Reading

Dr. Dre’s New 40 Million Dollar Mansion, I Love It

Dr. Dre's New 40 Million Dollar Mansion, I Love It

After Dr. Dre Sold Beats Electronics, famous from the headphones: Beats by Dr. Dre, for $3,2 Billion to Apple he bought him self a new house. You can read more about Dr. Dre selling Beats Electronics for $3,2 Billion here. He paid $40 million for the new house in Los Angeles and it is amazing. The house was previously owned by Gisele Bündchen (the supermodel) and ... Continue Reading